Let’s go back a little. In 2001, as the internet was finding its feet in South Africa, three admired journalists boldly launched a new hub for the media known as MediaWeb. They offered real support in order to help journalists learn, earn income, and better their craft. In 2007, MediaWeb expanded to build its own Newswire, delivering brand content to this growing network of journalists and influencers, telling big brand stories. And from there, in 2013, Mediaweb needed to service the rising demand from industry leaders who wanted the finest quality storytelling for their brands. Moreover, CEOs and Marketing Directors were seeking exposure across integrated marketing channels such as social media, PR, emailers, internal communications, custom publications, creative ad campaigns, and more – PRWeb was born.

Since then we are proud to say we have attracted the biggest names in many industries since we opened our doors.

A business built on demand.
Organisations are expected to tell a compelling brand story –
across marketing channels.

We understand that brands need to stand out from their competitors and appeal to audiences that are wanting to buy. And to do that, they need to connect and be memorable.

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Deep copy.

Be sure your story isn't the usual PR fodder that every journalist, influencer, or customer sees in their inbox daily. That won't work.

Strike a balance

These days recipients of content are super savvy, so tell the broader story of what’s happening out there – the market dynamics – and why your product or service is better. In context.

Bold visuals.

These days we prefer visual stories. Many websites now tell visitors how long it will take to read an article - that's how short our attention span has become. So bring your words to life.

Interfaces Matter

Options are useless without a clear understanding of what they do. We include intuitive, easy to use options.


Strategy dictates objectives, and objectives must demand calls to action, resulting in engagement. If we're honest, anything less is just eye candy.

Looks Amazing

Your content matters most, and needs to be accessible anywhere, anytime. This happens with our framework.

Years Established
Cups of Coffee (Two decades!)
Happy Clients

Meet the leaders

Dean McCoubrey -
Dean McCoubrey -Managing Director
Having owned several agencies, Dean heads up PRWeb as the head of strategy. Two decades of experience with global and local brands has dictated what works and what doesn’t, what delivers value and what doesn’t and, most importantly, what will be a waste of your money.
Strategy 93%
Content distribution 92%
Candice Whisgary -
Candice Whisgary -Client Service Director
Candice has worked for Dean in a previous agency, and has come back for more! Having serviced one of the biggest medical aids in South Africa for six years, their partnership and understanding of integrated marketing to deliver big brand stories has been proven year after year.
Client service 96%
Project execution 97%
Adam Hunter -
Adam Hunter -Senior Publicist
Adam is a hard-graft media networker and is connected to a long list of journalists who can bring brand stories into the spotlight. His connections bring branbds to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, or listeners, readers and viewers on a monthly basis. A serious connector and brand amplifier.
Strategic PR 94%
Media networking 98%

It says a lot that our clients – industry leaders – continue to use us, year after year. It’s our best advertisement.

When clients and agencies understand each other, anything is possible.
It’s an art form.

But it requires some key ingredients…

It requires listening.

All too often we don’t hear each other. We record every briefing so we can go back to what our clients asked for, and make sure we hit that on the head.

It requires hunger and commitment.

Once you know the agreed goals, you have to be sure to achieve them, that’s why we use tried and tested team members that have proven themselves to deliver time and time again.

It requires mutual respect.

The final ingredient is relationship. If you don’t like us and we don’t like you, it won’t work. And life’s too short anyway. We work with people and brands we admire and respect.

Need intelligence to solve your content puzzle?

Our agency focuses on seniors who deliver. Clients want good ideas, great execution, clear metrics to show success . End of story.

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